Our school

Our school

Władysław Jagiełło’s is a mixed comprehensive school complex.1 The School is situated in Lubelskie region in the south-west of Poland. It was named after a great Polish king, who founded the village of Urzędów. The School consists of:

  • Primary School for 6-12 year old children,
  • Junior High School for 13-15 year old teenagers,
  • High School for 16-18 year old young people.


Our commitment

We are committed to providing the best learning environment for students of all abilities, gifted and talented alike. Students with learning differences receive support they need. We pride ourselves in high academic standards, but we also believe in the value of all-round development. Students are encouraged to participation in sport.


Our students

At present 500 students attend classes from the Urzędów commune. Many commute to school from nearby villages. The School allows the students to develop their skills in different fields such as sport, information technology, languages, tourism and many others. The students are keen on sport and they good at volleyball, football, table tennis.



2Our teachers


The teaching staff consist of 50 teachers. All of them have full qualifications. Our aim is to foster mutual respect and encourage learners to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to reach their potential as responsible, educated citizens of the twenty-first century. The School is an active and creative place focused on recognizing and developing each student’s skills.



 Our facilities

The School is comprised of big and airy classrooms, some of them are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards. We have modern and well-equipped teaching classrooms.


• Language classrooms,


• Language laboratories,


• computer laboratories with the Internet,


• majority of classrooms are equipped with the Internet and multimedia,


a library with computers connected to the Internet,


a big gym



We are open to eTwinning and Erasmus+ partnership.

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